Dump expensive store bought cleaners for this magical miracle soap

Your cleaning ritual should not be an excuse to pollute the environment. For a fair amount of years, consumers were faced with an either-or situation; choosing to either get rid of the germs that surround their body or protecting the earth from toxic runoffs. Strangely, emphasis on natural alternatives was never given — solutions that flip the situation from an “or” to an “and.” Castile soap, a cleansing agent made entirely from plant oils, is an option worth considering.

It is a myth that greener soaps are not as effective in cleansing as synthetically-made products. A bulletin posted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) on their website stated, “many other natural cleaners, both those you can make at home and those you can buy at the store, can disinfect as well as clean…and they do it without exposing you and your family to harsh chemicals found in commercial cleaning products that can irritate your skin, eyes, and lungs.”

Wellness experts recommend using castile soap which is both eco-friendly and filled with antibacterial properties. It is considered by many as a “miracle soap” because of its many uses.

An article on TheHeartySoul.com has listed seven uses of castile soap.

  • As a dish soap — There is evidence that suggests that commercially-bought dish soap can increase one’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. These products are loaded with various preservatives, fragrances, and surfactants to make the item more appealing to the customer. However, castile soap can clean dishes without potentially harming you. To make castile soap, blend ¼-cup grated castile soap with four tablespoons of super washing soda in a bowl with a whisk. Pour this mixture into a pot of boiling water and add an additional cup of castile soap. Stir the concoction and allow it to cool. Pour the mixture into a squirt bottle.
  • As a laundry detergent — To protect your clothes from wrinkling, use a castile soap-based detergent. Dissolve ¾-cup of baking soda and ¼-cup of finely-grated sea salt into two cups of warm water then pour into a container. Add one cup of liquid castile soap. Fill the container with water until it reaches the top. A gallon’s worth should be enough for around 64 loads.
  • As an all-purpose cleaner — Simply fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water with a few squirts of liquid castile soap. You may opt to add in a few drops of tea tree oil or even orange or lemon oil.
  • As a face wash — This cleans the face and fights off the bacteria that causes acne without drying the skin. Add ¼-cup of liquid castile soap into a foaming dispenser and fill the rest with water.
  • As a shampoo — Mix seven tablespoons castile soap with six teaspoons of coconut milk and ½-teaspoon of coconut oil. This makes for around seven applications. Experts recommend storing the mixture in a fridge. (Related: Use Natural Liquid Castile Soap for Safe and Wonderful Homemade Shampoos.)
  • As a hand soap — Fill a dispenser three quarters of the way with boiled water and the rest with liquid castile soap.
  • As a toothpaste — This is the simplest and painless way to clean your teeth! Merely add one drop of castile soap and a small drop of coconut oil on your toothbrush and brush as you normally would.

Your introduction to castile soap

Named after the olive-oil based soaps from Castile, Spain, these soaps are made from vegetable oils. These items are mostly made from coconut, olive, and hemp oil; however there are other soaps that make use of avocado, almond, and even walnut oil. Castile soaps have a pH of 8.9, which is the same level as baking soda. These soaps are entirely biodegradable and non-toxic and can be safely used on pets and kids.

Greener and cleaner? Yes, that’s entirely possible with HealingArts.news.

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